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Sporks which aren't really sporks

1. In Canada you can get a spam-like food called ``Spork''.

2. There's a guy named Maz Henrik Spork.

3. There is a band, `Spork', from Marana, Arizona.

4. The band, `Spoon Fed', uses sporks as their mascot, logo, and destiny.

5. There's yet another band called `Spork' in Albuquerque.

6. Jeremy Clymer also has a strange fixation with stroons (whatever those are).

7. Donald Biggs is also in a band called `Spork' located in Colorado.


Restaurants that use Sporks

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Taco Bell

El Pollo Loco (some locations)

El Taco (Orange, California only)

Many Broasted Chicken stores

Lucky (supermarkets) Delicatessen (some locations)

Panda Express



A foon is the inverse of the spork, and is created through a

process known as fooning. The process can only be

done on flexible sporks and it takes a skilled hand. Beware!

You are apt to crack many sporks before

you become a true master of the foon.

The process of fooning is as follows:

1. Place your thumb on the bottom curve of the spork.

2. Gently push in with the thumb until the spork is inverted.

3. If done properly, you may let go and the spork

will retain it's foon shape!


Are all sporks plastic?

No!!! There are metal sporks, wooden sporks, and

even soft rubber sporks.


Making your own Spork

The easiest way to make your own spork is to use an inexpensive

stainless steel spoon and make three triangular-shaped cuts at the top

of it. Be sure to sand it down, and make it all nice and neat, then place it

at your dinnertable.


Places to buy sporks

Smart and Final (Cash and Carry Warehouse stores)

S. E. Rykoff Company (Distribution to Foodservice)

Los Angeles, California

Price Club Membership Stores


Patent Information:

1970 Official Gaz. (U.S. Patent Office) 11 Aug. tm 65 Van Brode Milling

Co., Inc., Clinton, Mass... Spork for Combination Plastic Spoon, Fork and Knife.

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