Where do Sporks come from???

The Creation Theory

During the middle of the 20th century, God finally completed his greatest

inventional feat, the spork. After the first spork was created, God stepped

back, looked at it and smiled, for he saw that it was good. Delighted with his

ingenuity, God embarked to produce them in mass quantities and give them to

the people of the world, fulfilling the forgotten clause in his covenent

with the peoples of Abraham. Thus, there are now billions of Sporks

worldwide, to the satasfaction of all.


The Evolution Theory

By the time God made his invention of the spork, the people of the earth

were already using forks, spoons, and knives. God realized that much of what

he had already done for mankind was brought about gradually, making it

easier for his peoples to adapt to the revolutionary changes. Therefore, he

gradually guided the plastic-ware engineers of the world to make more

spoonlike forks, and finally, by the mid-20th centry, the almighty design

was complete. This design was called a Spork, and when God heard it, he was

happy (wouldn't you be?).


The UFO Theory

One day in New Mexico there was a UFO crash. Next door

to the crash site was a Taco Bell. Well it just so

happened that a worker was trying to eat some soup and meat with only a fork

when this happened. To his amazement the perfect eating utensil had flown

out of the UFO just as it crashed, it was, yes, a spork.

Astonishingly he found he could eat both his soup and his

his meat with a single eating utensil! The worker then

spread his knowledge of the spork all over the World, where we use it today.

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