Spork Poetry

Spork, oh how I adore thee,

beautiful piece of art.

I sit alone in my bed,

no thoughts in my head,

except for those of my spork.


How many a prong does thou have,

oh spork of mine?


There was once an old woman,

she died a happy woman,

her spork in her hand.


Eat a food,

without you?

Oh spork please forgive me.


Spooning and forking,

oh spork how I love thee.


Three prongs,

or four.


An assorment of colors I see withen

thee o' spork of mine.


To spork or not to spork.


Oh spork,

How I eat with thee.


There once was a man named Brutus,

who told the fork, "I can't use this"

And when the fork replied, "then try a spoon"

he slaped it upside the head and said "Buffoon,

I will eat with my spork, fork!


Spork, Oh Spork,

You are so much better than a spoon or fork.


I use my spork

to eat my pork

before I watch Mork...and Mindy


Such a wonderful utensil

Part of my life

Overpowers both spoon and fork

Runneth like a river my love of sporks

Kitchen, restaurant, school, anywhere!


Spork, you are not a fork

I knew to soon you were not a spoon

You are neither, and you are both

Spork, that's why I love you


Sporks are weird

but commonly feared

with prongs like fangs

and the cure for hunger pangs

some claim they can cure a cold

but only the very bold.

we worshipp and adore

those sporks, and want more.


"A Spork Christmas"

spork at noon

spork at night.

sporking anywhere.

especially when it's christmas.

-by Amy chatfield



Spork, spork, spork,

You help us eat,

Spork, spork, spork,

Cafeteria mystery meat,

Spork, spork, spork,

Are these pickled pig's feet?

Spork, Spork, Spork,

Oh what a treat!


"An Un-sporked Life"


what a wonderful thing;

it just makes me,

want to sing.

I love you, I love you,

oh spork of mine;

I can't live without you,

for you are truly divine.

I see you forever,

in my dreams;

I will be with you,

I have foreseen.

But for now,

the spork I need, I cannot get;

I'll just live my un-sporkish life,

within regret.



Spork, Spork, Wonderful Spork,

I use thee instead of a spoon or a fork,

I use thee on soup, I use thee on pork,

I use thee so that I don't look like a dork.

Spork, Spork, Wonderful Spork,

One day I will use you as a cork.

By Tyler Nevins



hate a spoon along with a fork,

they were made by some dork,

but the spork was better than anything,

especially with pork


My plate was served a long time ago,

but if I'm going to eat it, I'm going

to eat it with a spork.

-Closing quote from movie "Great Balls of



If I had a spork

I'd eat stuff in the morning

I'd eat stuff in the evening

All over this land


Spork Hiaku:

sporks are wonderful

you can scoop up food with them

we really love sporks


With my spork I eat goetta

Oh how it works perfectly to put

In between the intrificate spaces

In between my toes.


One day my spork


out of my hands

I tried to save it

but it was too late

I do not know why

it committed


Got any Spork poems?

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