Uses of a Spork


"The Greatest Eating Utensil in the World" ......

A crime deterent


Making keychains

Rear-View mirror decorations

Christmas tree ornamants

Interior decorating

Give them out as party favors

Wind chimes

Musical instruments

Swimming pool toys

Disection tools

Picture frames

Back scratchers (dull prongs first!)

Spork curtains

Fingernail cleaners

A makeshift shovel

Pooper scooper

Self defense

Food catapult

Nose Picker

Weapons for small countries who can't afford guns

Spoilers for expensive cars

Hair styler

Eye gouger-outer

Bad web page creator slayer

Lock Picker

Bart Simpson impersonators

Garden tool

Hang them off your nose like a spoon


guitar pick<

eyebrow/mustache comb

incense holder (plastic sporks not recomended)

accupuncture therapy

replacement turntable needles

tongue depresser/tonsil scratcher

survival tool

combination snow-shoe/shovel

belly-button lint getter (innies only)

automotive window scraper


pimple popper


add life to Bob Dole


The Sporkinatior (Action figure)


Channeling spirits

eye lash curler

lettuce shredder

Nose ornament

Do you have any ideas?

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